What Is The First Step To A Divorce

People change over the years and when they no longer find a common word, emotions, do not agree, consensual divorce is one of the options, certainly better than lawsuits and less painful for children. The assault lawyer in brampton is the place where you can get all the answers.

Marriage can be dissolved by a lawsuit demanded by one spouse and a proposal for an intercession marriage divorce proposed by both spouses.
A consensual divorce is initiated by a divorce proposal. The proposal for the consensual divorce must be comprehensible and contain all that is necessary in order to be able to deal with it.

The parties put their signature at the end of the proposal. Likewise, if a proposal contains a specific request, parties should indicate in it the facts on which its claims are based and evidence when necessary. The proposal for an amicable divorce should include certain issues that the municipal court should decide (suggesting that the marriage be divorced, with which the child should live after the cessation of the marital union, how much and how the parent with whom the child does not live should contribute to maintaining the time of meeting and socializing the child and the parent with whom the child does not live). In addition to the proposal for the consensual divorce, the original of the wedding list and the original birth certificate of the underage child must be attached. In a situation where one of the spouses rejects the motion for an amicable divorce and the other stays in the application, that request will be considered a lawsuit and will continue according to the provisions governing the divorce proceedings.

The proposal is submitted to the municipal court on whose territory the spouses have had their last common residence.

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Before an out-of-court procedure for the amicable divorce is initiated, spouses who have joint minor children are obliged to access the social welfare center in order to carry out the mandatory consultation procedure.

Compulsory counseling is a form of help to family members to make consensual decisions about family relationships, primarily taking care of the protection of family relationships in which a child is involved and the legal consequences of failure to reach agreement and initiating judicial proceedings in which the child’s personal rights are decided. Compulsory counseling at the request of the parties (can be in writing or verbally) carried out by the expert team of the social welfare center competent for the place of the child’s place of residence or place of residence or according to the place of the last common place of residence or residence of spouses. The compulsory counseling report is compiled by the Social Welfare Center when completing compulsory counseling.
Despite the court decision, the father does not participate in the expenses for children, what to do?

If spouses, after completing compulsory counseling, wish to continue their marriage divorce proceedings, they submit to the municipal court a report from the social welfare center on compulsory counseling (not older than six months) and a joint parental care plan.

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