The Guides On Buying Teak Garden Furniture

Teak wood is the most recommended wooden material for garden furniture. It is perfect to be placed outdoor because the wood can handle extreme weather really well. There are many designs to choose in the market too. But what if homeowner does not have sufficient knowledge about teak garden furniture? How will homeowner make a great purchase in that case? This article will elaborate tips for purchasing outdoor furniture made of teak wood.

Guidelines for Buying Great Teak Garden Furniture

Teak wood is considered one of the most expensive woods in the world. However, customer has many options of products. They vary in styles, forms, price points, and qualities. Here are some things that you need to pay attention to when purchasing teak garden furniture.

  1. Workmanship on the Teak Wood

When purchasing any kind of furniture, buyer should always pay attention to its workmanship. Buyer should ask what kind of glue being used in the production process. The recommended ones are PVA and resins because they can preserve the furniture for longer time period. Hardware used in furniture making should also be high quality as well. Low quality hardware will get rusty quickly and the furniture will not look as good.

  1. The Grades of Wood

Teak wood is divided by grades: Grade A, B, and C. The highest quality is Grade A, which is taken from matured heartwood. It has really high oil content with signature grain and honey color. After that, there is a Grade B wood. It is taken from nearly matured outer part of heartwood. The oil content is not as high as Grade A wood. The color is little less vibrant and there may be some knots found. Grade C wood is taken from sapwood. It has high water content and is usually not made into teak garden furniture or even the interior one.

  1. Production Method

There are some methods to produce outdoor teak wood furniture. The recommended method is full machine usage. It is superior in quality because the product will be precise and consistent which ensures long lasting result. There is also combination of machine and handmade method that tends to produce cheaper product. Another method is fully handmade production. The last two methods depend on worker’s skill. The result can be inconsistent too.

  1. Non-chemical Treatment

At times teak garden furniture receives chemical treatment, such as sulfuric acid. The chemical addition gives illusion that the wood is higher quality material. To note furniture that has been given such treatment, buyer should analyze teak furniture with a little off dark color. Compare the color with another part that has no grain. Chemically treated wood will look the same.

  1. Guarantee Offering

When purchasing teak garden furniture, buyer should always read through Terms and Condition. It is especially important in guarantee section. The sign that furniture being sold is high quality is that the manufacturer offers lengthy guarantee. High quality products can receive guarantee up to twenty years. If the length of guarantee period is less than that, the product is not really great.